Biodynamic Therapy - for relaxation,  rejuvenation, relief of symptoms and more..

Stressed, Need Relief? How We Can Help

Biodynamic therapies can help bring relief to unwanted symptoms and resolution to emotional challenges

The combination of psychotherapy with the specialised biodynamic massage methods brings help on many different levels

Gerda Boyesen developed the theory that the gut has a dual function, to digest food and also emotional content. She came to the conclusion that certain massage techniques could bring to completion the expression of unwanted feelings, and this release of emotional charge would entail similar noises from the gut as during digestion of food. Boyesen called these noises psychoperistalsis.

All treatments aim to restore balance in the client in each and every session.

We work with:
The muscles for capacity and strength or suppleness.
The breath for inspiration and relief.
The joints for flexibility and ease.


The biodynamic approach recognises the direct relationship between mind and body. It is based on the understanding of the movement of life energy in the body. Bio means life, dynamic means movement.

More about the biodynamic approach

With three biodynamic therapists located here in County Sligo, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy downtime and wellbeing along Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

Wellbeing along the Wild Atlantic Way