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The term biodynamic is connected with the spontaneous flow of life energy throughout the body and mind. When this natural flow is disturbed we lose our joy for life and often symptoms can develop. Biodynamic therapies work to restore this natural flow. They help to clear the effects of stress, promote self-healing and self-regulation, and can bring a renewed sense of well-being, happiness, peace and relaxation.

During a biodynamic massage session we use a loudspeaker stethoscope placed on the abdomen of the client to listen to the ‘language of the body’. This is known as psycho-peristalsis to indicate psychological and physiological resolution. These sounds confirm that the organic healing mechanism is being properly restored.

There is a healing mechanism in the body which dissolves nervous tension in the muscles and resolves emotional and psychological conflict on the unconscious and organic level

                                                                                                                    - Gerda Boyesen

                                         Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Biodynamic Psychology

What to expect in a biodynamic session

The aims of each session can vary. For example, you may need to speak, or simply rest and be rejuvenated. You may have a particular condition that you need help with, or you may be considering life choices, or facing health problems. You may have experienced some form of trauma. Perhaps you need more zest for life, to look after yourself and put yourself first.

Whatever your needs are, the biodynamic therapist can:

  • assist you to find relief, eliminate toxins and reduce the feeling of internal pressure

  • help bring emotional resolution and psychological integration

  • work with your muscles, tissues, breathing and joints - which can involve biodynamic bodywork - to reduce tension and liberate trapped energy

  • work with your need to speak and express, or talk through everyday life, work, home, relationship matters and essential issues. This can involve other biodynamic therapies aimed at consolidating positive experience

  • refresh the electro-magnetic field within and surrounding the body known as the bio-field in order to bring deep relaxation and inner peace

  • clarify issues and help you to make positive life decisions for yourself and for your future within your own life context

Initial consultation and completing the Client Information Record

You will be asked to fill in a Client Information Record, which details your contact information, reason for treatment, current symptoms (if any), lifestyle (diet, exercise etc), and general medical history.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to tell about any emotional or life experiences and to give any further details that you consider may be relevant for your treatments or sessions.

When the CIR is completed the biodynamic psychotherapist will read through this information in a consultation with you and together you will discuss how you consider we may be able to help, our cancellation policy, an agreed time frame and any other matters that have to be decided.

This agreement forms the basis for a mutually agreed and workable contract between you and your biodynamic practitioner.

Once the contract is agreed, your therapist will subsequently use a combination of biodynamic methods according to what is needed by you in each session.

One session can be helpful, but more often a series of weekly or fortnightly sessions is recommended to help the process of re-establishing your own healing mechanism and independent wellbeing.

This gentle, non-invasive approach can often lead to a feeling of being fully rested, and it is not unusual for clients to fall asleep during a treatment.

During a biodynamic massage, treatment can be more effective when working directly on the skin, so clients usually remove clothing other than underwear. Once on the massage table the therapist covers you with towels and a blanket, only removing the covering to work on each part of the body they are treating.  If you don’t feel comfortable with this it is still possible to receive a treatment with your clothes on.